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La diffusion des règles communes en matière de médiation et d’arbitrage dans le droit OHADA/The publication of Common Rules for Mediation and Arbitration in OHADA Law

in Arbitrage, médiation et amélioration du climat des affaires

Filali Osman (dir.)

In an economic context marked by the gradual collapse of raw material prices, the territories’ attractiveness for investment is a major challenge of economic policies. For Franc zone African countries, the hard hit by the international economic downturn, the time for awaiting investors scrambling at the continent’s gate and to each lay down their regulatory economic standards is passed. On the contrary, in order to attract foreign direct investments and to stimulate domestic investment, it was decided, in conjunction with the Fifth Summit of the Francophonie in Port Louis (Mauritius) to set up an Organization for the Harmonization of Corporate Law in Africa (OHADA).

Revue de droit des affaires internationales/International Business Law Journal, n°6
décembre 2019
p. 687-702.